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Easy communication across your company

Universe brings all of your information and communication together neatly in one place – it’s a platform which makes it easy to find, follow, and collaborate.

Universe is designed for companies using Google Apps. With Universe, you can communicate securely throughout your organization, find and connect with co-workers, and view up-to-date company information all in one place.

Universe takes your Enterprise communication to the next level.

Best of both worlds


Corporate Intranet & Team Communication

Universe creates a bridge between the worlds of modern, always-on communication and the more static information that is essential for all enterprises.


Information and employees united

Information-driven people & enterprise

Information-driven people and enterprise

Information is easily accessible at all times, with all devices

Employee engagement & retention

Employee engagement and retention

Give all employees a forum for their valuable opinions

Efficiency & collaboration

Efficiency and collaboration throughout enterprise

Unite all offices, regardless of location

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Our thoughts on how to improve the way we work

Go on, sell me a story

In a business context, storytelling is an extremely powerful tool that can bring immense benefits, and the stories you tell internally say a great deal about your company culture. With great storytelling, internal communications teams can lay the groundwork for cultural change, while sales teams can motivate, spark enthusiasm, and make a real impact on the bottom line.

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Communication breakdown

Effective internal communication is critical if a company wants to get the best from its people, boost productivity, and provide sterling service to customers. Poor information flows have been the downfall of many a big-name organization, so how do we measure effectiveness and make the best use of employees' valuable insights and opinions?

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