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Bring your employees and information together. Share knowledge throughout your organization.

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Boost team productivity with truly collaborative workspaces
Channels bring all your team's information and knowledge together in a single collaborative space. Have active discussions, share files and folders, view the team calendar, and launch Hangouts.
Create interactive and beautiful intranet pages with ease
The Pages section of Universe is perfect for communicating static information like company news, HR materials, company policies, and useful forms.
Keep your employee directory and organizational charts up to date
The People section lets you find the right people in your company, view their profile cards, and connect. Search by name, title, department, or skills and see where your colleagues fit in the organizational chart.
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Make your life easier
Universe is packed with awesome features that save you time and trouble.
Stay current with your work and discussions in a convenient way.
Find everything and everyone you need with the predictive search.
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Best of both worlds


Corporate Intranet & Team Communication

Universe creates a bridge between the worlds of modern, always-on communication and the static information that is essential for all enterprises.

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You must be a G Suite Admin for your company to test drive Universe.
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The Universe Blog

Our thoughts on how to improve the way we work
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How to kick off a successful intranet project

So you’ve been put in charge of an intranet project. Maybe you have already chosen an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to build an interactive intranet with no time. You log into the solution for the first time and realize that you know nothing about web-design and have no idea where to start your project from.

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New Channel calendar improves team scheduling

About 5 months ago we started to re-design our Channel calendar. Our aim was clear: Make calendar great again for teams. To achieve this we wanted to create a place where to get a clear overview of what the team members are doing and a place where to share important events. This was definitely not an easy goal but I think the new calendar fills in these checkboxes quite nicely.

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