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Easy communication across your company

Universe brings all of your information and communication together neatly in one place – it’s a platform which makes it easy to find, follow, and collaborate.

Universe is designed for companies using Google Apps. With Universe, you can communicate securely throughout your organization, find and connect with co-workers, and view up-to-date company information all in one place.

Universe takes your Enterprise communication to the next level.

Best of both worlds


Corporate Intranet & Team Communication

Universe creates a bridge between the worlds of modern, always-on communication and the more static information that is essential for all enterprises.


Information and employees united

Information-driven people & enterprise

Information-driven people and enterprise

Information is easily accessible at all times, with all devices

Employee engagement & retention

Employee engagement and retention

Give all employees a forum for their valuable opinions

Efficiency & collaboration

Efficiency and collaboration throughout enterprise

Unite all offices, regardless of location

The Universe Blog

Our thoughts on how to improve the way we work

How social collaboration tools help us break free from email stress

You’re watching a movie and a character’s alarm clock goes off at an ungodly hour. That sound searing into your head, you know the one. Your brain cringes and you sink back into the sofa a little. Now replace the alarm clock with your email notification chime. Same response, I bet.

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Universe Pages makes creating beautiful intranets a cinch

Creating beautiful pages for your intranet just got even easier. With the new Pages, Universe now includes a complete CMS out of the box.

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