Universe launches Google Team Drives integration

By Antero Hanhirova on May 16, '17

Collaborating with your team is super easy with Universe. By using deep integration we are able to provide a place to create, share and manage without having to worry about permission management or visibility options.


Universe + G Suite: Your Digital Workplace

By Ilona Malinen on May 04, '17

Is a whole more than the sum of its parts? In the case of Universe plus Google G Suite, the answer is a resounding YES. When you use Google G Suite and Universe together you’re not just getting two great solutions, but rather a complete digital workplace that combines the endless collaboration possibilities of Google with the strategic communication of the Universe intranet and social network.


Advice and answers from the Universe Team

By Antero Hanhirova on May 02, '17

Universe published a new Support knowledge base in the beginning of this year and there are already 50 new articles to help you to get the most out of your Universe. The help center is designed for end users, administrators and curious minds, so you'll be able to find the answers to your questions. And if you can't find what you're looking for just pop up a new chat and ask away!


I was shocked to hear what our employees had to say

By Atte Isomäki, Marketing at Viima on April 12, '17

“I was shocked to hear what our employees had to say.” That’s a statement we’ve heard more than once from some of the managers we’ve discussed with during the last few years. There are quite a few different reasons why people might say something like this, but nevertheless, it means there are some underlying issues to resolve.


Rewriting the ‘rules of engagement’ for the future worklife

By Kati Makkonen on April 07, '17

At this stage in the game, it’s no secret that empowering and engaging your employees is one of the keys to long-term success. Despite this, many businesses have failed to get the memo. Long-term employees with valuable knowledge and skills are often not engaged with their work.


How to collaborate while spending less time on meetings?

By Maarit Huhtala on March 31, '17

The meeting is a standard element of a collaborative working environment. According to Birkinshaw & Cohen, knowledge workers spend 67% of their working time in meetings. Yet many of us can probably relate to an experience of having a busy day full of meetings and at the end of the day having to stay overtime to finish our actual work.


New employee orientation – successful onboarding with virtual communities

By Ilona Malinen on March 22, '17

In many cases virtual communities and workspaces may be the answer to successful onboarding as they enable the absorption of team culture and norms at super speed! All the knowledge and information that circulates in the team is recorded, preserved, and most importantly accessible to new members.


Creative groups; driving innovation through diversity

By Maarit Huhtala on March 13, '17

 Since 2000, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or disappeared. In an increasingly demanding and competitive business environment many companies put their hopes in fostering innovation.


Universe Pages vs Google Sites

By Kevin Liu, Partner Manager at Avalon Solutions on March 10, '17

Kevin Liu is a Partner Manager at Avalon Solutions. In this post he compares Universe Pages with the new Google Sites–both tested by the Avalon Solutions team.


Your Intranet – Your Rules

By Antero Hanhirova on March 03, '17

Every company is unique! At Universe we don’t believe in cookie cutter intranets – the intranet should be the backbone of the organization and reflect the culture and identity of each individual company. That’s why companies should also be able to choose the intranet model that supports their organization the best.


How to make sure information stays in the organization when an employee leaves?

By Jesse Nieminen, Co-founder of Viima on February 28, '17

How do I stop valuable tacit knowledge from fading out of the organization when employees leave or retire?


Meet Universe at Google Cloud Next’17 and empower your workforce

By Kati Makkonen on February 21, '17

The biggest and most exciting Google conference of the year is just around the corner. Will you be joining Cloud Next’17 on March 8th-10th in San Francisco? If so, we would love to meet you there!


Nordic Azets chooses Universe for its 2,500 employees

By Kati Makkonen on February 14, '17

Azets is an accounting, payroll and HR services provider with 20,000 customers in the Nordic countries. Until the end of 2016 it was a part of Visma, one of the biggest Nordic financial management software and outsourcing companies.


Being familiar with Facebook doesn’t make you a pro in collaboration

By Ilona Malinen on February 07, '17

With more and more companies employing social intranets, and other collaborative tools for the working environment, one of the most fatal mistakes the employer can make is equate personal social media usage with a deep understanding of what it means to collaborate in a professional virtual environment.


Everyday communications gone social

By Kaisa Hilden, Communications Coordinator at Yle on February 01, '17

We’ve been using our truly social intranet now for more than a year. Even though it’s quite a short period, it is surprisingly hard to remember how life was before.


Manage your business-critical documents with Google Team Drives and Universe

By Perttu Ojansuu on January 27, '17

Back in September Google announced the launch of the early adopter program for Team Drives for G Suite. We’re already working hard to integrate this exciting new product into Universe, and several clients and partners have asked us what this development means for them.


How social collaboration platforms put power back in the hands of employees

By Oren Nadjar, CTO at Groupe Chantelle on January 16, '17

When your employees are further ahead on the technology curve than you are, it’s high time to show them that you’re really listening.


Universe Pages - create a beautiful and truly social intranet with ease

By Antero Hanhirova on January 11, '17

Two months ago we released a beta version of Universe Pages, our out-of-the-box CMS.  After learning from tens of companies and content creators we are now ready to release Pages to all of our customers. 


Boosting innovation, engagement, and productivity with crowdsourcing

By Maarit Huhtala on December 27, '16

Internal crowdsourcing is a valuable tool for engaging employees with the company vision and drawing on their valuable knowledge and experience. It can open up access to a vast pool of untapped potential and demonstrate to people that their opinions really matter. What’s more, it can help businesses leverage the social-collaborative mindset of millennial talent to drive innovation.


Why does my business need a social intranet?

By Perttu Ojansuu on December 16, '16

Since the launch of the Universe enterprise social network for the Google ecosystem in March 2016, we’ve had potential customers from all over the world contact us to find out what all the fuss is about. I’ve had plenty of conversations where people haven’t been afraid to ask me straight: “So, why does my business even need a social intranet, and what does it really mean anyway?”


Major Universe update takes your productivity to new heights

By Antero Hanhirova on December 09, '16

Universe Channels are the cornerstone of collaboration for all our enterprise customers. We’ve spent the last 12 months developing and testing a huge number of upgrades to this key feature – all based on feedback from real users – that will help people be more productive than ever before.


Measure what matters – internal comms & the metrics conundrum

By Kati Makkonen on December 05, '16

Measuring the ROI of your internal communications efforts can be challenging. There are a variety of metrics you can look at, and interpreting the data can be a tough task, particularly if you're examining intranet usage. 


Go on, sell me a story

By Kasper Pöyry, COO at Gapps Oy on November 24, '16

In a business context, storytelling is an extremely powerful tool that can bring immense benefits, and the stories you tell internally say a great deal about your company culture. With great storytelling, internal communications teams can lay the groundwork for cultural change, while sales teams can motivate, spark enthusiasm, and make a real impact on the bottom line.


Communication breakdown

By Ilona Malinen on November 18, '16

Effective internal communication is critical if a company wants to get the best from its people, boost productivity, and provide sterling service to customers. Poor information flows have been the downfall of many a big-name organization, so how do we measure effectiveness and make the best use of employees' valuable insights and opinions?


Honey, I shrunk the company

By Kasper Pöyry, COO at Gapps Oy on November 11, '16

Social intranets can be a fantastic tool for bringing together dispersed teams and capturing the dynamic, agile spirit that typifies startups. With the right platform in place, businesses can break down silos, bring people closer together, and transform their intranets into hugely valuable business tools.


Death by chat: are your enterprise tools hindering, not helping?

By Maarit Huhtala on November 04, '16

Rather than boosting productivity and engagement, chat platforms may be repeating the same mistakes as email – everyone's (former) ‘favorite’ enterprise communication method. The internet is awash with tirades against the all-consuming, always-on nature of chat tools. Where does the happy compromise lie?


How social collaboration tools help us break free from email stress

By Ilona Malinen on October 28, '16

You’re watching a movie and a character’s alarm clock goes off at an ungodly hour. That sound searing into your head, you know the one. Your brain cringes and you sink back into the sofa a little. Now replace the alarm clock with your email notification chime. Same response, I bet.


Universe Pages makes creating beautiful intranets a cinch

By Antero Hanhirova on October 19, '16

Creating beautiful pages for your intranet just got even easier. With the new Pages, Universe now includes a complete CMS out of the box.


Disruptive change in the enterprise intranet industry as Facebook Workplace joins the movement

By Perttu Ojansuu on October 12, '16

The launch of Facebook's Workplace service on 10 October is the latest event to come out of the period of major disruptive change currently being experienced by the enterprise intranet industry. The shift away from traditional intranets towards enterprise social networks is continuing, and we at Universe are proud to be a part of this pioneering movement.


Why the information flow in retail shouldn't stop at the storefront

By Ilona Malinen on October 10, '16

If there’s one group that could reap major rewards from the shift towards social intranets, it’s front-line retail employees. While they can be one of the most valuable sources of customer insight and development ideas, poor access to information can leave them feeling detached from the wider organization, leading to frustration and a lack of motivation.


Mind the gap

By Antti Merilehto on October 05, '16

Business, technology, and the world around us are evolving at lightning speed. What challenges do you need to overcome in order to close the gap between your two most valuable assets – people and information – and remain innovative and competitive?


Improving employee productivity with community-based recommendations

By Roxana Roman on September 28, '16

Just as with society as a whole, the users of a social intranet platform can also be divided into communities based on how they interact with each other. Universe is introducing a Community Recommender that detects communities formed inside Universe based on the way people interact with each other.


Google selects Universe for New & Notable list

By Perttu Ojansuu on September 20, '16

Universe is being showcased on the Google App Marketplace New & Notable section – a list of the latest and greatest apps and integrations that enhance the Google Apps experience and help make teams more successful.