Universe + G Suite: Your Digital Workplace

Is a whole more than the sum of its parts? In the case of Universe plus Google G Suite, the answer is a resounding YES. When you use Google G Suite and Universe together you’re not just getting two great solutions, but rather a complete digital workplace that combines the endless collaboration possibilities of Google with the strategic communication of the Universe intranet and social network.

Now the G Suite environment is one cohesive entity, that’s easy for both employers and employees to use and understand. Instead of accessing all your tools in different tabs, resulting in that oh so familiar tab jungle, you have everything in one integrated platform. 

To demonstrate the power of G Suite and Universe together, we didn’t want to make a gimmicky marketing video – so we let the products speak for themselves. From this video you can see what a morning in the life of a G Suite + Universe user looks like, and how truly easy it is to navigate your company information, team projects, and important news. 


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