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  • Groupe Chantelle
  • Rovio
  • 4 Sound
  • Yle
  • Sorgenia
  • Azets

Groupe Chantelle

Groupe Chantelle, a leading French global lingerie designer, chose Universe as its communication and collaboration platform as part of a wider move into Google Cloud.

Universe will enable Groupe Chantelle to:

  • achieve the optimal blend of top-down and bottom-up communication
  • benefit from real-time social media type interactions across the business
  • bring global teams closer together to communicate and collaborate
  • work with G Suite in a new way

After a decision-making process spanning two years, it took just three months for Chantelle to decide to implement Universe.

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The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle wanted to replace their old intranet with a new solution that would offer more social features and better support their daily work. 

Yle was looking for an intranet that would be accessible from anywhere, support people’s day-to-day work, have a great searchable knowledge base, and still be truly social. The brief called for a “next-generation intranet solution”.

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